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Not just tennis

Come and discover all that we have to offer.


Mini golf, pro-shop with racquet stringing, a tennis wall for training, a clubhouse for relaxing and cooling down.

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Mini golf

To relax with the family, please the children or to keep busy while you play tennis, the Tennis des Baleines Mini-Golf is ideally located, just behind the courts and a stone's throw from the sea.

In the heart of the Ile de Ré, discover the Mini-Golf by the sea, where you will hear the waves crashing while you complete the 18 holes.

Combine sport and fun in a friendly atmosphere, in the immediate vicinity of the Club house and the tennis courts.


club house

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Mini Golf
Club House

Other activities
- Petanque
- A football pitch with synthetic turf
- A playground for children

Autres Acitvites



In our pro-shop we offer you

- Stringing Services for Tennis Racquets

- Tennis Clothes

- Tennis shoes 

- Tennis accessories 

- Club merchandise


With more to come!
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